Vibrational Medicine

vibrationalmedicineDr. Gill believes that the future of medicine lies in the inclusion of sound, light, and colour as part of therapy and/or treatment.

Some of the many ways that disharmony shows up in the body is through stress, tension, pain, tight and sore muscles, emotions such anxiety or sadness – either way, however it manifests, the discord creates blockages to our Qi or energy fields and flow. Equally, science is now showing that every part of the body, be it spinal vertebrae, muscles or organs, each hold a specific frequency or vibration on its own.

We use a variety of specific techniques using sound and light that responds to the specific frequency or areas of the body that need assistance, in order to help restore free-flow of Qi, reduce pain and inflammation, remove energetic stagnation, regulate Qi and blood, and help achieve the goal of homeostasis.

These techniques can utilized stand-alone or can be combined with Acupuncture / Acupressure or other treatments such as Breathwork, and Reiki

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