Sensitivity Testing

Food / Environmental / Psychosomatics Testing

Psychosomatics Test

The Reba™ Device and concurrent Rubimed™ therapy has been used in Europe as a successful healing modality for well over two decades. Founded originally by Dr. Reimar Banis, a German physician, this healing modality was developed in clinical settings to identify influences that were both energetically draining and potentially caused physical, emotional, or mental conflicts. Reba™ was finally introduced to North America in over the last ten years, and it has become an essential healing tool in assisting people in resolving issues through many states of health – physical, mental, emotional, and causal (spiritual).

By using Applied Kinesiology techniques, the device itself measures a person’s energy levels, whether there is a compatibility of the substances being tested again, and identifying at what level ie. physical, emotional, mental the conflict resides. Customized remedies can then be prescribed in accordance with the results.

Food Intolerance & Environmental Sensitivity Test

Electro-diagnosis according to Voll (EAV) or EDS (Electro-Dermal Screening) was developed 35 years ago by a German MD, Dr. Reinhold Voll. It combines the principles of acupuncture with modern technological advances. The skin resistance on the acupuncture point is measured by producing a slight potential difference (voltage) between a tip electrode held against the point and large hand electrode held by the patient. The procedure measures changes in skin resistance at the acupuncture point in response to placing test substances (foods or special test ampoules) in circuit with the patient. The testing is painless, involving no needles, shocks or scratches, and allows for specific information regarding the patient’s health to be determined. The test results are used in conjunction with other clinical observations and tests performed by the doctor or clinical assistant.

We now offer testing for over 400 foods and common environmental allergens. When these irritants are removed from the diet or the environment (if possible), the immune system has an increased chance of healing and symptoms involving any organ system in the body improve. We are using the electrodermal (EDS) method of testing to measure these allergens or “sensitivities”, in-office.


How long does a Food & Environmental Sensitivity test take? A visit for sensitivity testing, will include both food, and environmental substances, and basic organ testing. Testing is done in 2 separate appointments. The initial test will be approximately 60 min. in length, at which point, a remedy and/or substance removal plan is implemented. The second followup test is booked for 3 weeks after your initial visit, and is 30 min. in duration. We retest the resistant substances at that point, and evaluate what any further steps are needed.

Please be aware that you must be a patient of Dr. Gill’s prior to booking for F&E Testing. If you are not a patient, and would like to come in for testing, you must book a Mandatory Initial Visit Consultation prior to doing so, and evaluate whether F&E is appropriate for your case.

**SPECIAL NOTICE: Our Reba™ testing equipment is delayed in arriving at our office. We will notify you here, through our Newsletter and on our Facebook page when Psychosomatic testing with Dr. Gill will be available. We apologize for the inconvenience**

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