Botanical Medicine

herbalmedicineNaturopathic Physicians are trained to use hundreds of different botanical medicine and herbal remedies. There are many herbs that have been traditionally use for centuries, and in many cultures. Used both singly and in combination, herbs have been used for their medicinal characteristics.

In utilizing botanical medicine as one of the many healing tools that a Naturopathic Physician has, different combinations and forms of plants are used. We may prescribe loose herbs in order to create a customized infusion, or provide you with a synergistic or single tincture. Additionally, we use flower complexes, plant essences and essential oils as part of the treatment regime. Dr. Olena is trained in formulating customized treatment plans for your specific concern. In addition, she grows a number of medicinal plants and herbs on her farm, and will often use fresh or dried plants as part of your treatment plan. Most herbal remedies come from top of the line, professional companies, many of which cannot be purchased in health food stores. This is to ensure that the quality and purity of the medicine is of the highest calibre.

Treatments may take the form of

Flower Essences • Teas • Tinctures • Ointments • Essential oils • Capsules • Sprays • Poultices  

It is important to note that above all, herbal remedies are medicines! All herbs in any form, are composed of chemical constituents, which have specific effects on the body. In general, herbs are safe to take. However, like all medications, herbs, depending on dose, variety, and format of processing, can also render interactions with other medications. Therefore, it is imperative that you speak with your naturopathic physician about any medications that you may be taking, before you start any botanical medicine treatment plan.


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