What to Expect

Covid Protocols

Please review our Covid-19 Safety Protocols before entering all clinic locations.

Before your visit:

We ask that all patients complete a COVID Screening Questionnaire which is sent digitally to your email, 24 hours prior to your appointment time. Check your email! If you answer “yes” to any of the questions, please call the clinic before your appointment for further instructions to reschedule or change the appointment to a video call.

Before the First Appointment

Fill in the Health Intake Form available through Online Booking, which gets emailed back to the office once complete. If you have a paper copy, fill it in and bring it to the first appointment. Due to Covid-19, we can no longer allow for in office paperwork.

The First Naturopathic Appointment (60-70 minutes)

What to Bring
  •  Copies of any recent lab work or tests (blood work, X-rays, ultrasounds, etc.)
  •  Lists of any medications and supplements you are currently taking, and
  •  Completed intake form (if you picked up a paper copy).
What to Expect
  • A detailed discussion about your medical history and your current health concerns
  • Clarification around your health goals and the variety of approaches we can take to help
  • A initial treatment plan with room for amendments on your first Follow-up visit. *(Complicated cases may require more information gathering or extended consults prior to creation of initial treatment plan)*

Follow-up Naturopathic appointments (30-45 minutes)

What to Expect:
  • An individualized plan that will either be created or amended.
  • A physical examination (if pertinent to your case)
  • A thorough lab review, including diagnostic assessment

Acupuncture (45 – 75 minutes)

You may book in as a New Patient directly for Acupuncture. Your Initial Visit will include a Consultation along with a brief Treatment. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture treatments are typically administered in blocks of 5 or 10 for maximum benefit, and appointments are normally booked either weekly or bi weekly.

How to Prepare for your Treatment:
  • Bring any labwork or copies of imaging (if you have any)
  • Wear loose clothing e.g. yoga pants, t-shirt, camisoles (gowns are available if you need them)
  • Refrain from wearing makeup, using perfumes or scented deodorants
  • Have a light meal prior to your treatment
  • Do not consume alcohol, use drugs, or smoke (nicotine or marijuana) up to 24 hours prior to treatment


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