Intake Forms

New Patients – You will NEED to complete Intake Forms prior to your 1st Appointment:

Intake Forms

DIGITAL INTAKES: Once your appointment is reserved, you will receive emailed links to all your Digital Intake forms, usually within 24 hours of your reservation (give or take).  Check your email spam folder in case they land there. Please set aside ample time to fill out your forms. When complete, press SEND at the end of your forms and this information is immediately received in our office.

These forms are MANDATORY to be completed and received by our office 24 hours before your appointment. If we do not receive anything within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, your timeslot will be rescheduled. Thank you.

PAPER INTAKES: Due to COVID and subsequent Office Safety policies, paper copies of Intake Forms will now be available outside our Parksville and Gabriola clinics in a plastic holder. Please pick one up, take them home to fill out and return with completed copies at the time of your appointment. You will not be able to sit in the office to fill these out.

On the day of your appointment, please bring in any copies of other tests ie. blood / lab tests if you have them. Lab work is a standard part of your visit, and necessary for us to best evaluate your health concerns, diagnosis and treatment. If you cannot get copies of labs in time, Dr. Olena will be requesting a Records Request Form at the time of your appointment. Thank you.

Other Information

As a courtesy WE NOW OFFER 3rd Party Insurance Direct Billing. If you have an Extended Medical Health Plan – you may be partially or even totally reimbursed, according to their specific policies.  We can direct bill over 12 different Health Insurance Providers, including Blue Cross and others included under Telus E-plans. If you have 3rd party Extended Health Insurance, please ensure that you mention to us at the beginning of your first visit and to see if you qualify for any percentage of billing and if your Insurer falls under our list of accepted billers.. You will always be provided with a  digital (email) receipts after every visit for your personal records, and for proper future health insurance submission should you decide to submit on your own. Please note that should you only be eligible for partial billing or your health insurance provider puts your billing on hold, you will be responsible to pay the remaining amount owed up front at the time of your visit, and then submit any outstanding claims manually.