Get Ready for Autumn(!) with Garlic

garlictinctureIt’s the beginning of September, just before Labour Day, and still trying to fit in the last dog days of summer before school begins. Perhaps a bit premature for winter just yet, but I look at the leaves already falling down, the rain coming my way and already see the signs of seasonal change. With seasonal change comes the prospect of sore throats, immune system compromise and my child coming home with sniffles and coughs. One of my many go-to tools are tinctures to keep the immune system strong and healthy in order to withstand the rigeurs of not only seasonal weather changes but environments such as school and work. Here’s the recipe for my Garlic Honey Tincture, which is staple in my house – it is easy to make, and last for a long time on your counter or cupboard.


Garlic Honey Tincture:

Materials: 1 L Mason Jar
Garlic cloves chopped (enough to fill ⅓ of the jar)
3 1″ peeled chunks of Ginger and Horseradish
Peel of 1 whole lemon (do not include the pith – use a citrus peeler)
2 small cayenne peppers (sliced open)
1 small to medium red onion (chopped)
Pinch of whole cloves
Pinch of black peppercorn
Sprig of fresh rosemary
1.5 cups of organic honey
3 cups of vodka (or apple cider vinegar)
Distilled water

Chop all ingredients listed above and fill the mason jar. There should be enough material to fill approximately ½ the jar. Pour honey over the materials. Stir to coat. Pour the vodka or vinegar over the stirred materials. Top with distilled water up to the mouth of the jar, leaving room for material expansion. Shake the jar gently several times to ensure materials are mixed. Place in dark cupboard for 6-8 weeks. Tip upside down once a day to ensure materials are distributed. The tincture will darken over time, so don’t worry if you see a colour change. After approximately 8 weeks, strain material through a cheesecloth. Enjoy your tincture!

Note: Garlic, cayenne,  and certain other herbs and foods may react with medications. Please talk to your naturopathic physician about whether these are appropriate for you to take, and whether this can be part of your treatment plan.

To your best health!
//Dr. Olena

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