Genetic Testing

How much caffeine is right for you? What about sodium? Perhaps Omega-3? Vitamin A or Iron? Have you wondered about that, but spent an inordinate amount of time being a guinea-pig, trying out different things? Genetic Testing and Precision Medicine can help clear away some of the confusion.

Indigo Integrative Health is excited to announce that as of January 2017, we are now offering a new service called Nutrigenomix. It is a simple genetic test using your saliva that will allow for more precise and personalized nutrition recommendations that are based on your DNA!

Genetic TestingNutrigenomix will test 45 genetic markers in order to clarify Nutrient metabolism, Cardiovascular Risk and injury, Eating habits, Physical activity, and more. This will allow us to streamline and hone down an improved personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan for you, based solely on your DNA!

How this works:  After a mandatory initial (if you are a new patient) consultation with Dr. Olena, you will receive the testing kit. A quick saliva sample will be taken, and then gets sent off to the lab. Your results should arrive  in approximately  2-3 weeks, where you will return to our office for a comprehensive followup and a more precise treatment plan.

Want to know more? Download the attached brochures below, or to simply make an appointment and finally take some of the guesswork out of your nutritional and supplementation habits, call our office at 778-762-3099. 

Nutrigenomix Health Brochure

Download Nutrigenomix® Health Brochure (PDF 479 KB)

Nutrigenomix Sport Brochure

Download Nutrigenomix® Sport Brochure (PDF 402 KB)

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