6 Health Benefits of Apples

Here’s to the humble apple:


I had the pleasure this past weekend at the Naturopathic Physician conference in Vancouver to meet a member of the Bragg family – the people behind the famous Braggs line of products like Liquid Aminos, #AppleCiderVinegar and much more. It was also a great reminder of the power of consuming whole food in particular, the humble #apple. When I originally arrived the conference though, I was also given an apple – obviously to keep up our stamina(!) during these marathon 4 days, and apples were freely handed out during each snack and lunch time throughout. I certainly had my fill of this wonderful whole food!

Take time every day to consume an apple – it contains a multitude of health benefits jam packed in one little fruit, that by the way, looks like a heart (!) This is part of the reason why the old adage “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” exists. It’s good for heart health, and oh so much more. The power of nature – is right at your fingertips folks. So munch away people – enjoy your apples!

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To your Health,

Dr. Olena

Dr. Olena Gill is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician and Registered Acupuncturist (2003). She practices at Indigo Integrative Health/The Mind-Body Connection Centre in Parksville, BC on Vancouver Island.

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