Wellness Programs

Smoking Cessation

The average number of times that it takes someone to quit smoking, is 9. Often what hampers the process each time is lack of support. Research now shows that having an additional support system as part of the cessation regime, leads to higher chances of success in quitting completely. Dr. Olena’s 4-week uses a multifaceted approach, including vitamins, acupuncture, homeopathy, mind-body strategies, dietary and lifestyle changes to ensure that you cease to smoke with ease and minimal difficulty.

Naturopathic Addiction Program – What you will receive:

1 – Initial 30 min. visit with Dr. Olena
1 – Individualized Quit Smoking lifestyle plan
4 – 20 min. Acupuncture / Ear treatments with appropriate Quit Smoking protocols
1 – Quit Smoking Naturally Kit (sufficient for 1 month)
1 – Mind-Body Connection Journal to assist you on this journey
Unlimited email support

Investment: $375 (value $400)

Flu Prevention

Flu prevention Protocols safe for children and adults alike! According to the US Center for Disease Control, only 7-12% of upper respiratory infections are actually caused by the flu strains that vaccinations provided protect against. Therefore, you are unprotected against the majority of infections out there. This is one of the primary reasons why even people who get the flu vaccine, still get sick. Your best strategy is to keep your immune system strengthened, even if you still opt for the flu vaccine, so you are more capable of fighting all those nasty bugs. Immune boosting is your best defense flu strategy.

Naturopathic Immune Preparation Program – What you will receive:

1 bottle Vitamin D drops or caps to take home
Herbal immune booster tea OR herbal tonic formula complex
1 Acupuncture immune boosting treatment protocol
Dietary evaluation and recommendations for prevention

Investment: $65 (value $100)