Nutritional Medicine


Nutritional MedicineNutritional Medicine is one of many natural approaches in integrative care. Lifestyle changes and strategies, including diet and nutrition modification, exercise and supplementation are just a few of the things that are discussed during a Naturopathic visit. Dr. Olena has had previous education in raw, organic food preparation as well as specialty diet cooking and baking. On your first visit to Dr. Olena, your diet and current health programs will be reviewed, in order to evaluate and establish nutritional goals and create a customized plan that is right for you.


What concerns can Nutritional Medicine address?

No concern is too great or too small. Some of the issues we address are:

Weight loss / Weight gain

Digestive issues

Infant / Child / Adult allergies

Paediatric and Geriatric nutrition

Menu and meal planning

Specific diet planning ie. vegetarian, DASH, FODMAP  for all ages

Specialty diets ie. diabetes, ADHD/Autism Spectrum


Appropriate Food Sensitivity testing is available through our offices,  as an adjunct support to your customized treatment plan.




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