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What is your Health ‘worth’ to you?

Naturopathic Fee ScheduleNaturopathic Medicine’s primary focus is not just dealing with current medical conditions, but Preventative health care is the ultimate goal. Just like the maintenance – time, energy, money – you place into your car to keep it running smoothly in order to prevent larger problems from taking place in the future, so too the maintenance for a healthy body. We invest in our material things such as education, homes, and technology – and equally it is vital to see our health as an investment as well, and not wait around until something goes wrong, to try and ‘fix’ the problem.

All our Naturopathic treatment fees are in accordance with the suggested ranges as outlined in the Suggested Fee Schedule by the British Columbia Naturopathic Association (BCNA). These are decided on based on a variety of cost factors such as: rent paid, insurance, regulatory body fees, basic and any speciality licensing fees. These are all crucial – a specific Naturopathic Doctor’s fees and appointment time structures can vary anywhere within these ranges.

Paper copy of our General Fee schedule incl. specific breakdowns of extensive treatments, labs, testing etc., are available in our office. In addition, a Fee Schedule is also included in your Initial Visit Welcome Packet.

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Basic Fee Schedule* (As of Oct 1, 2018)

Insurance Coverage: Check with your insurance provider, as many of our services are part of extended medical plans (note: Acupuncture services are billed under Acupuncture or Naturopathic Medicine categories). As a professional courtesy, we can direct bill to the following insurers:  CINUP, Chambers of Commerce, Cowan, Desjardins, First Canadian, GreatWest Life, Industrial Alliance, Johnson Group, Johnson Inc., Manion, Manulife, Maximum, SunLife. However, please come prepared to pay for your services in the event that your sessions cannot be billed by our offices.

Accepted payment methods: Cash, Cheque, Debit, Visa / MC / Amex

Cancellation Policy: We require a minimum of 24 hours notice for any last-minute cancellations, or full missed appointment fee will be applied. NO Email or Text Cancellations – Phone only.

Details regarding Naturopathic Initial Visits:

  • 60 minutes is usually enough time to take a full adult case, sometimes less time is needed, sometimes more time is needed
  • 45 minutes is usually enough time to take a child’s (under 12) case, or to address a specific concern
  • We offer a free 15-minute introductory session by telephone or in person where you can meet with us one-on-one to find out if naturopathic medicine and our clinic is a good fit for you and get your questions about naturopathic medicine answered. We cannot discuss your personal medical history during a Meet & Greet.

Details regarding Acupuncture Initial Visits

  • 70 minutes is usually enough time to take a full adult case, sometimes less time is needed, sometimes more time is needed – Initial visits include full evaluation and a brief treatment
  • There is no extra charge for acupuncture, ear acupuncture or ear seeds done during a naturopathic visit

Details regarding Naturopathic Followups:

  • Adult follow-up visits are typically approximately 25-40 minutes in length. Longer visits are available.
  • Child follow-up visits are typically 20-30 minutes in length

Details regarding Acupuncture Followups:

  • Adult follow-up visits are typically approximately 25, 40, or 55 minutes in length. Longer visits are available if the health concern is complicated or working on multiple areas.
  • Short- mini treatments for ear acupuncture including acu-stim (non-needle) and ear seeds are 15 min.

Supplements and other Products

Dr. Gill and Indigo Integrative Health maintains a  medical dispensary and herbal apothecary of professional quality products as well as lab test kits for patient use only. Dispensary include professional and therapeutic quality vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal tinctures and dry herbs, homeopathic medicines, remedies, and other apothecary wellness lines. Items are individually priced. Please ask for pricing and other details.

(BCNA suggested rates for Initial: $150-225  Followup: $75-160)
Naturopathic Initial Visit: 60 min. $170 Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture   75 min. $140
Pediatric Initial Visit (<12 yrs): 45 min. $135 Facial Rejuve Special Event (eg wedding prep etc) Packages min. 4 ppl – onsite  $call
Acupuncture Initial Visit: 70 min. $135 5 or 10 Session Package Treatments -in office $call
Followup Consult  55 min. $155 Quit Smoking Laser Therapy Program $call
Followup Consult  40 min. $125 Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture $above
Followup Consult  25 min. $90 Constitutional Hydrotherapy $below
Acute /Emergency Care/Labs 15 min.  $50 Cold / Soft Laser Therapy General and Therapeutic Ultrasound $below
Followup Pediatric Consult 30 min $80 Custom Meal Planning: 1 wk, 1, 3, 12 mth $call
Followup  Consult 30 min. $60 Therapeutic Ultrasound  20  min.  $45
Followup Consult 45 min. $85 Constitutional Hydrotherapy  60 min. $75
Followup Consult 60 min. $110 Const. Hydrotherapy  6 session pack $call
Home Acupuncture Visit (60 min.)  $110 + trvl fee Const. Hydrotherapy 12 session pack $call
Mini Ear Acupuncture/Seeds 15 min. $35 Cold Laser Therapy   30 min.  (Stand-alone) $50
Mind-BodyMedicine: Reiki, Breathwork etc.  60 min. $90 Cold Laser Therapy   30 min. (Add-on treatment)  $30
*incl ear seeds, cupping, guasha, e-stim,  topicals  FREE Cold Laser 5 and 10 pk treatments $call
Late Cancellation Fee (<24 hrs notice) $50  EDS Bio-Meridian Food Sensitivity Testing $175
Missed Appointment / No Show $full Genetic test (23&me) Results interpretation $call
Medical Letters $call
Meet and Greet (15 min) FREE
Supplements or Lab Kit Pickup  FREE

Please Note:

~ All fees for appointments, pharmacy, and laboratory services are due at the time of service

~ Additional fees may be incurred for supplementation or lab testing – these will be discussed during the visit

~ Naturopathic consultations are GST exempt.

~Seniors (+65) discounts at 5% – applicable for service + product only, not tests.

~ We accept payments in cash, cheque, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Interac. NSF cheques will incur a $35 fee

~ Outstanding accounts need to be finalized prior to booking subsequent appointments

~ You will receive a receipt after every visit. Please ensure that you save these to submit to your Extended Health service provider. If you have a specific Extended Health Insurance provider that we can access, we will bill the visit on your behalf in office (please ensure that you specify Provider information on your first visit)

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