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 What is your Health ‘worth’ to you?

Naturopathic Fee ScheduleNaturopathic Medicine’s primary focus is not just dealing with current medical conditions, but Preventative health care is the ultimate goal. Just like the maintenance – time, energy, money – you place into your car to keep it running smoothly in order to prevent larger problems from taking place in the future, so too the maintenance for a healthy body, mind, and spirit are necessary as well. We invest in our material things such as education, homes, and technology – and equally it is vital to see our health as an investment as well, and not wait around until something goes wrong, to try and ‘fix’ the problem, because in all cases, ‘fixes’ are a fantasy, not reality.


Basic Information for you

PLEASE NOTE: Appointments with Naturopathic Physicians in British Columbia are not covered by MSP (medical services plan). They are generally covered under Extended Medical Plans, just like chiropractors, acupuncturists, and  massage therapists. Check with your plan as the details vary widely among providers.

Paper copies of our General Fee schedule are available in our office. In addition, a Fee Schedule and Office Policy Information is also included in your Initial Visit Welcome Packet when you come in for your first appointment.


How To Book An Appointment & Our Cancellation Policy

You can book an appointment in two ways:

  1. Call the clinic at 778 – 762 – 3099.  We take calls for appointments during our office hours only. If you reach the office messaging system, leave your message and our reception will call you back as quickly as possible.
  2. Click the Appointments button (above in the menu) to take you to our Online booking portal.  Follow the instructions on how to book an appointment online. Once you book, you will receive an email notification as well as reminder notices of your upcoming appointment. This feature  is available 24/7.

You will need your Credit Card at the time of Booking to reserve your appointment – by phone or online. Your cc will be kept on file, but you will not be charged for the appointment until service is rendered or you miss or cancel within our cancellation period.

To Cancel your appointment, please provide 24 hours notice. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged 50% of the missed appointment.

If you booked your appointment online, you can cancel your appointment directly through the portal as long as its greater than 24 hours. Or you can the phone the office to cancel as well. We do not accept email cancellations and cannot accept texts or other social media communication outlets.


Missed Appointments

If you miss an appointment completely, you will be charged the FULL (100%) appointment fee. Chronic last-minute cancellations or missed appointments may result in your booking privileges being revoked.


New Patient Consultations and Followups with Dr. Gill

Dr. Gill welcomes New Patients on an ongoing basis.  Please click the LINK below to download a digital copy of our Current  Fee Schedule:


At the end of your first visit, Dr. Gill will let you know when to return for your Followup visit. You can book your Followup either by telephone or through the online booking portal. 


Telephone Consultations

Your Followup visits can now be conducted via telephone. This is available for existing patients only. Your appointment is booked in the same way as an in office session. Consultation fees for telephone followups remain the same. Your cc on file will be charged at the end of your consultation.


Email Consultations

Dr. Gill is now accepting Email Consultations for existing patients. This is available to patients who would like to have a followup with Dr. Gill but cannot come into the office for an appointment.  If you send an email to Dr. Gill with an inquiry about your treatment or health concerns, and requires a response, it is considered a consultation, and you will be charged a fee.  

Email Consultations  are required to be prepaid with a Credit Card on file, before a response will be given.  All email inquiries are usually responded to within 72 hours. 

EXCEPTIONS to Email Consult Fee:

  1. If you sending a brief update on your symptoms or how you are feeling post-treatment.
  2. Sending lab work reports or test results for Dr. Gill to review prior to the next appointment.
  3. If you are a new patient coming for your first visit and you have some clarification questions prior to your appointment. NOTE: We cannot discuss your health issue via email.

Fees for Email Consultation is $50.


Other Important Information:

~ All fees for appointments, pharmacy, and laboratory services are due at the time of service

~ Additional fees may be incurred for supplementation or lab testing – these will be discussed during the visit

~ Naturopathic consultations are GST exempt.

~ We accept payments in cash, cheque, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Interac. NSF cheques will incur a $35 fee

~ Outstanding accounts need to be finalized prior to booking subsequent appointments

~ You will receive a receipt after every visit. Please ensure that you save these to submit to your Extended Health service provider. If you have a specific Extended Health Insurance provider that we can access, we can courtesy bill the visit on your behalf in office (please ensure that you specify Provider information on your first visit) *Your insurance company determines whether our services are covered under your specific plan. It is your responsibility to ensure that you check the details regarding your coverage before you see us.


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