Fee Schedule

 What is your Health ‘worth’ to you?

Naturopathic Fee ScheduleNaturopathic Medicine’s primary focus is not just dealing with current medical conditions, but Preventative health care is the ultimate goal. Just like the maintenance – time, energy, money – you place into your car to keep it running smoothly in order to prevent larger problems from taking place in the future, so too the maintenance for a healthy body. We invest in our material things such as education, homes, and technology – and equally it is vital to see our health as an investment as well, and not wait around until something goes wrong, to try and ‘fix’ the problem.

All our Naturopathic treatment fees are in accordance with the suggested ranges as outlined in the Suggested Fee Schedule by the British Columbia Naturopathic Association (BCNA). These are decided on based on a variety of cost factors such as: rent paid, insurance, regulatory body fees, basic and any speciality licensing fees. These are all crucial – a specific Naturopathic Doctor’s fees and appointment time structures can vary anywhere within these ranges.

Paper copy of our General Fee schedule are available in our office. In addition, a Fee Schedule and Office Policy Information is also included in your Initial Visit Welcome Packet.

PLEASE Click the LINK below for a copy of our Current  Fees:




Please Note:

~ All fees for appointments, pharmacy, and laboratory services are de at the time of service

~ Additional fees may be incurred for supplementation or lab testing – these will be discussed during the visit

~ Naturopathic consultations are GST exempt.

~Seniors (+65) discounts at 5% – applicable for service + product only, not tests.

~ We accept payments in cash, cheque, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Interac. NSF cheques will incur a $35 fee

~ Outstanding accounts need to be finalized prior to booking subsequent appointments

~ You will receive a receipt after every visit. Please ensure that you save these to submit to your Extended Health service provider. If you have a specific Extended Health Insurance provider that we can access, we will bill the visit on your behalf in office (please ensure that you specify Provider information on your first visit)


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