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Book Online


For new patients in-person, we offer our 24/7 Appointment Reservation  system to Book Online. Please click the Book an Appointment button below to be taken to the external Appointment schedule. Once you have reserved your appointment time, please ensure that you press Save within the scheduler to complete your booking, otherwise your time slot will not be confirmed. After that, you will receive a confirmation email reminder notice both several days and same day of your reserved appointment, which will be sent to the email that you provided at the time of your booking.

Consultation Fees: Please view our specific Fee Schedule HERE


INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS TELEMEDICINE (Outside of British Columbia and/or Canada):

For new patients unable to see Dr. Olena in person, we offer limited Telemedicine consultation services. Consultations are limited to interpretations of functional laboratory tests as well as self/home genetic testing such as 23andMe, Nutrigenomix, ViaMedix/Accuguard, or NewLifeGenetics. We cannot offer diagnosis and treatment in the consultation, unless you see Dr. Olena in person. Consultations for test interpretations are arranged via Skype. Payment and Lab Tests for the consultation are required 7 days prior to the appointment.

Consultation Fee: $150 CDN (1 hr.)

To book a consultation, please click the button below and choose Skype – TeleMedicine option.